Day and Night Dry Cleaning Service

Unique in the Netherlands: the High-Tech 24-hour dry cleaning service. The Rembrandtpas gives you 24/7 the possibility to bring or collect your clothes! Read more

Stomerij Amsterdam

Are you looking for quality dry cleaning in Amsterdam? Then you've come to the right place Drycleaning Rembrandt. Our specialty is exclusive and delicate clothing. With different dropoff points in Amsterdam, and surroundings, this is the dry cleaning for are looking you!

You can dry clean all of your regular clothing and fabrics but we also take care of special fibers, we offer one of the best dry cleaning services in the Amsterdam region. Think of suede, leather, wedding dresses, blankets and comforters. Other services we offer include; clothingrepairs, make linen closet ready and shirts service.

It takes maximum two workdays before your clothing is cleaned. Do you need a quick drycleaer in the Amsterdam region? In an agreement, you can use our Fast-service. We provide expert advice for all your questions


Stomerij Rembrandt, Amsterdam ⇨

Locations in Amsterdam

At the following locations you can drop-off your clothing for drycleaning at our store:

Wassalon Buitenveldert

Loowaard 32

1082 KR Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6441843

MovieMax - Troefmarkt

Arents Krijtstraat 30-32
1111 AM Diemen
Tel: 020-6955399

Stomerij Rembrandt

Rembrandtweg 671-675 

1181 GV  Amstelveen

Tel: 020-6430113